About Us


We are a group of like-minded material scientists, biomedical engineers, clinicians and regulatory specialists who believe in solving unmet clinical needs using materials harvested from nature. Our current focus is to deploy bioactive polymers as an implantable micro-gel (for keyhole surgery) and film (for open surgery) to prevent postoperative adhesions.

Leveraging on our proprietary intellectual properties, we are expanding our core technologies vertically to lower risk products such as hydrocolloid dressings and horizontally on other high risk products such as drug delivery implantable systems. The application horizon of our core technologies is limitless as we continue to identify new unmet needs in the various clinical space.


Our Partners

Being a very new medtech startup based in Singapore, Sporogenics is very honored to be among the 20 companies selected for MedTech Innovator (MTI) Asia Pacific 2020 cohort. Under the MTI program, Sporogenics is indeed very privileged to be mentored by Olympus Medical, Johnson and Johnson and Oliver Healthcare Packaging.

Sporogenics is always pushing for scientific innovations and we are glad to be able to work together with our overseas and local academic partners such as School of Medicine, University of Tufts, US and Singapore Institute of Technology.

Higher Efficacy

Multi-faceted clinical needs addressed by multifactorial approach.


Our devotion to sustainable solutions to improve clinical outcomes.


Unlocking nature’s potential to improve quality of life

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