Derived from Nature.
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The use of nature-derived Active Ingredients (AI) for medical treatment could be traced back to the third century BCE from Samaria with plant-based recipes containing poppy, which is considered the grandfather of modern herbal medicine (morphine).

About Us


We are a group of like-minded material scientists, biomedical engineers, clinicians and regulatory specialists who believe in solving unmet clinical needs using materials harvested from nature. Our current focus is to deploy bioactive polymers as an implantable micro-gel (for keyhole surgery) and film (for open surgery) to prevent postoperative adhesions.


Our Products

Biopolymer Film

Using automated membrane casting technology, continuous biopolymer film of controllable thickness can be manufactured up to at least A4 size.

Microgel Agent

Sporogenics provides bioconvergence solution where bioactive agents synergized with surgical device innovations.

The Team

Dr Ng Wei Beng, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Prof Cho Nam-Joon, PhD

Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder

Ms Toh Shin Yan

Finance Director

Dr Claramae Chia Shulyn, MD

Clinical Partner & Advisor

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